Hey! Thanks for considering Fern and Compass to shoot your wedding day, here’s a little bit more background to help you decide if you’d like us there capturing your best day ever.

I’m Zena and I run Fern and Compass full-time, if you decide to hire us, I’ll definitely be at your shoot (often with a talented second shooter too) and I’ll be the one poring over your footage and lovingly crafting your film in the editing suite. Before I made the jump to working for myself I was the Head of Video at a creative agency in Sheffield and prior to that I worked as the Deputy Editor of an international filmmaking magazine, as such, I know how to lead a team of shooters and my standards are impeccably high. My work on the magazine made me a bit of a gear dork so if you’re that way inclined I’ll happily talk to you about all of the specialist equipment I use 🙂

Where are you?

I’m based in the beautiful Peak District in England and love shooting weddings for adventurous couples; my eyes light up when I need to pack my walking boots for a shoot, so if you’d like to take a hike up to a stunning view point for some shots count me in. I shoot weddings all over the UK and internationally so get in touch for bespoke pricing if you’re getting hitched more than 1.5 hours drive from S33.

What’s the name all about?

In my early twenties I lived in New Zealand with my (now) husband and fell in love with the place. We lived just up the coast from Wellington and watched the sunset over the ocean from our kitchen window most evenings. Our weekends were spent kayaking, climbing, exploring and generally becoming besotted. While we moved back to England for a variety of reasons we still fly a little Kiwi flag inside our hearts and hope to move back there one day. As such, I offer extra special discounts to anyone getting married in New Zealand because I can’t get enough of the place and the people.

As for the compass, like many couples, my husband and I had planned to get each other a small gift on our wedding day. Not only did we manage to both choose the same wrapping paper but we also both bought each other engraved brass compasses so for me a compass represents both a love of adventure and finding your soulmate.

Want more?

Still got questions? Check out the FAQs page to see if the answer’s there or use the contact form to drop me a line. I offer a no obligation consultation either face-to-face or over Skype depending on where you’re based so get in touch and let’s talk about your story.